November 2013 Classes

  • Using Gmail
  • Talking with Siri
  • Intro to iOS 7
  • Introduction to Computers
  • Word Processing Introduction

Using Gmail (3 Sessions) Course Fee: $15

Using Gmail as the practice platform, this course will cover the basics of e-mailing, as well as how to create an address book, and some tips for avoiding spam and malware. Depending on the level and interest of the participants, topics such as filing/archiving and sending and receiving attachments/photos may also be covered. Recommended prerequisite: Introduction to Computers and Introduction to Windows, or equivalent experience.

Talking with Siri (1 session) Course Fee: $5

If you’ve wondered about Siri, and how to have a conversation with your iPad (or iPhone or iPod touch), then this is the course for you.

We’ll show you how to enable Siri, launch the service, and try it out. Siri is an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator from Apple that exists to allow you to communicate with your mobile device by speaking to “her” (in the US, the voice is female). You’ll teach her about you and your family, and try some questions that will highlight both her usefulness and her quirky personality. Siri offers conversational interaction with many apps including reminders, weather, email, calendar, contacts, notes, music, clocks, web browser, Wolfram Alpha, and maps. It can check sports scores, open apps, check movie times and reviews, find restaurants, and make reservations. We’ll offer tips on how to have a successful conversation, and how to recover from misunderstandings. Dictate rather than typing your emails! Get a glimpse into what the future of computer interaction may be! Prerequisites: Any Apple device (iPad 3rd gen or later, iPad mini, Phone 4S or later, or iPod touch 4th gen or later,) that supports Siri. It must be registered and up-to-date with the most recent software (iOS 6 or later) for that device. (To check, you can go to the Settings app, choose General, and see if “Siri” is listed.) If this presents a problem to anyone who wants to take this course, he or she is advised to e-mail their concerns to

Intro to iOS 7 (1 session) Course Fee: $5

The new iOS 7 platform for Apple’s mobile devices simply makes what you do now easier, faster and more enjoyable. While many apps may look different, the way you do things feels perfectly familiar.   Using your iPad, we will explore about a dozen new features including changes to the Photos app, new camera features, the new AirDrop photo and file sharing feature and iTunes Radio as well as quick access to the Control Center and new ways to handle multitasking and to search. Prerequisite: iPad Basics course, iPad with iOS 7 installed on it.

Introduction to Computers (3 Sessions) Course Fee: $15

A comprehensive overview that combines lecture and hands on experience to introduce participants to the world of the personal computer. Students will become familiar with the technology and jargon of personal computers. Software applications, such as word processing and database, will be demonstrated to show computer capabilities. Connection to the Internet will also be shown. The application used to demonstrate the various concepts is Microsoft Works. This course covers very basic topics about computers and computing. It should almost always be taken before any other. The only exception would be in the case of an experienced computer user.

Word Processing Introduction (3 Sessions) Course Fee: $15

Learn how to do basic word processing such as setting margins, undoing and inserting, use of toolbars, rulers, icons and getting help. Also using word completion, spellcheck and thesaurus, setting and changing page layouts, headers and footers. Course will use the Open Office Tutorial which is downloadable from the internet and is compatible with other similar programs such as Word, Works and Wordpad. Recommended prerequisite: Introduction to Computers and Introduction to Windows, or equivalent experience.

For dates and times, see the CLC’s calendar.

If you are interested in taking a course with available seats, phone HelenMarie Dolton at 609-882-5086.  If you’d like to take one of the classes at a future date, fill out the CLC Course Request Form.

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  1. Tania Pierce says:

    Can you tell me when they will be runnning another computer clinic?  Thanks  Tp

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