Tips and Tricks: December 3, 2013

   “Top Tech Gifts for Holiday Giving”

“We’re going mobile. Today in the U.S. over half of all adults own a smartphone or a tablet and some 65% of those mobile phone owners are using smartphones.  Amid this sea of mobile devices and available accessories, how does one choose a holiday gift for that special relative or friend?”[Doug Dixon, technology consultant]

Dixon, who has been covering holiday gadgets in the Princeton area for over a decade, will help cut through the confusion when he presents “Top Tech Gifts for Holiday Giving” on Tuesday, December 3, at 2 p.m. in the Ewing Senior and Community Center, 999 Lower Ferry Road.  Sponsored by The Computer Learning Center, his round-up and demos will spotlight this year’s most tempting gadgets and wireless accessories.  His presentation will be preceded at 1:30 p.m. by “Q and A’s with the CLC Faculty” during which the audience seek answers to their computer-related questions.  Both programs are free and no prior registration is required.

“There are so many fun and useful portable accessories available this year, especially to extend your mobile devices with wireless connections,” Dixon notes. “Trends to explore this holiday season include wireless audio to portable headsets and speakers, wireless connections to cameras and TV, wireless access to your data, and wireless tracking so you don’t leave your phone or keys behind.  Plus we will look at the latest in portable power to keep you charged, cases to protect those indispensable devices, and other fun goodies.”

Dixon is an independent technology consultant, author and speaker specializing in digital media and portable devices.  Previously a product manager and software developer at Intel and the Sarnoff Corporation in Princeton, he now consults in commercial and military technology analysis and communications and provides expert witness services. Over the past fifteen years, he has authored four books on digital media, published hundreds of feature articles, and presented over a hundred seminars and lectures.  He makes his articles and technical reference available free of charge on his Manifest Technology website and blog at

The Computer Learning Center at Ewing, sponsor of the program, offers a full curriculum of computer-related courses, taught by and designed for older residents of central New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. For further information about this event, courses or directions, call 609-882-5086 or 609-883-1776 ext 6205 or visit the CLC website at

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