Tips and Tricks: March 4, 2014

“Exploring Art on the Internet In Your PJs”

Ogunquit23 “Looking at art on the Internet can often lead you to discover treasures you may never have known existed,” says Robert Lafond who will present The Computer Learning Center’s latest “Computer Tips and Tricks” program, “Exploring Art on the Internet in Your PJs.”

  “I plan to show how to explore areas in the world of art that may be unknown to you by using tools, such as Google Images, as well as other means to find art you might never have discovered otherwise.  I will also briefly review some of the searches I have done in the past few years, visiting museums, artists, art blogs, etc. Hopefully I will motivate people to look for and find art on the Internet that inspires them.”
 [Robert Lafond]

An Art History graduate of Princeton University, Lafond worked at the Princeton University Art Museum as Registrar for 18 years. He also attended the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and holds a Master’s degree from Rutgers University in Information Technology, a field in which he has worked for 25 years.  He has been a painter for many years and maintains an art blog,, where he posts and discusses his art work.

The Computer Learning Center at Ewing, sponsor of the program, offers a full curriculum of computer-related courses, taught by and designed for older residents of central New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. For further information about this event, courses or directions, call 609-882-5086 or 609-883-1776 ext 6205 or visit the CLC website at

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